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D-FY-IT of Midland is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

D-FY-IT relies heavily on the financial support of grants from foundations.

A new initiative for D-FY-IT is turning to the community businesses and individuals. It is important to understand that companies that sell items that are illegal for those under 21 are also continually marketing to that age group. This process makes tobacco products, alcohol and even illegal drugs much more appealing. The movie industry is a key culprit as well.

For more than a decade, one Midland organization has been working hard to keep our children drug and alcohol free -- Drug Free Youth In Texas, better known as D-FY-IT.

 D-FY-IT is a non-profit organization that rewards students for being drug free. A contract/commitment to be drug-free is signed by the student, parent, and D-FY-IT. As part of that contract, random drug testing is conducted. Testing is voluntary, administered on 17 school campuses in Midland County, and over 3,000 students participate each year. 

 Midland Memorial Hospital has graciously donated and incurred the cost of all urine testing for D-FY-IT since the programís inception. Unfortunately, the hospital can no longer provide this service due to economic factors beyond its control. 

 D-FY-IT must raise $25,000 for voluntary random drug urine testing each year. As a member of the Midland community, you know how crucial drug prevention programs are.

 D-FY-IT of Midland serves 17 school campuses in Midland County with membership being over 3,100 students for the 2004-2005 school year. Having given over 5,000 drug tests to these students on a voluntary basis, D-FY-IT is very proud to work with such strong youth leaders. This program delivers leadership and mentoring skills as well as the self-confidence to say NO to drugs and alcohol.

 Without the support of the Midland community, D-FY-IT would not be able to offer this opportunity of a safe place to get information and skills to be positive role models for their peers and the community.

Businesses want drug free employees, employees want drug free co-workers, and consumers want drug free businesses with which to conduct business. This drug free circle starts with the youth, educating and developing positive skills and the ability to make healthy life choices as our future community leaders

If you wish to make a tax deductible donation, please print this form to mail in your donation:

Click here for form or mail contribution to the following address:
                                                                    D-FY-IT of Midland
                                                                    615 W. Missouri, #233
                                                                    Midland, Texas 79701


For the School Year 2005-2006 we have received funding from the following sources:


Abell-Hanger Foundation
City of Midland
Fasken Foundation
Helen Greathouse Charitable Trust
Junior Women's Club


Basin Electric
BP America
Chevron Texaco
Lydick-Hooks Roofing
Martin Water Laboratory
Perm Corporation
Russell K Hall & Associates, Inc.
Russell Freeman, Inc.
The Bosworth Company, Ltd.
TXU Electric
Walsh Petroleum
Wurster, Armstrong & Williamson


Dianne & Ed Anderson
Penny & Ernest Angelo
Kenny Dresel
Cynthia Ford
Kris Howard
Ben Strickling
Alma Thompson
Taylor Mayne
Parent donations from each of the 17 school campuses


Major Financial requirements for D-FY-IT to continue it's mission:
Youth Random Drug Testing: $25,000 annually
Power Leadership Camp: $16,000 annually
R.O.P.E.S. Course and training: $1,000 annually
Teens In Charge Community Activities: $5,000 annually
Spring Event: Shattered Dreams/Speakers, etc.: $15,000 annually
Red Ribbon Run: Half Marathon, 5K, 1K: $5,000 annually





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